Inmeridiem is an artwork by Pedro Gómez-Egaña at the Oslo public library Deichman, Bjørvika.

Inmeridiem centres on a single stone taken from Akerselva river, and brought into the Oslo public library, a site whose purpose is the assemblage of knowledge. Inmeridiem investigates the library’s relation to the river, as well as our own relation to bodies and things. The artwork invites one viewer per day to be with the stone for 10 minutes. The experience includes kinetics, music, and text.

The artwork can be visited by one person per day, and is experienced at the exact moment between sunrise and sunset. Use the "book your spot" button to book your spot.

Spots are released throughout the year. If you don’t find a spot available, please try again on another day.

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Artist website:

Artistic direction, music and text: Pedro Gómez-Egaña
Music inspired by Victor Jara’s instrumental work “La Partida”

Norwegian Translation: Mette Edvardsen
Technical director: Bart Callebaut
Project manager: Nikhil Vettukattil 
Furniture design: Marianne Andersen
Space and web design: Karoline Bakken Lund
Website production: Magnus Andreas Hagen Olsen

Engineering in collaboration with Sirris, Belgium
Project manager: Bas Rottier
Stephan Masselis, Stijn Gielis, Jakob Kesteloot, Tom Martens
System architect and lead developer: Gaetan Hug
Software engineer: Jithu Nair

Geological advisor: Henrik Svensen
Sound engineering: Andrew Baardsen (Luft Recordings)
3D drawing: Erik Marynissen, Erik de Wulf 
Woodwork: Joost Kramer
Waterjet: L&D Waterjet, Diest Belgium
Glasswork: Pierre Glass, Vilvoorde Belgium
Metalwork: Diametal, Herentals Belgium
Photography: Yamile Calderón, 
Videography, Belgium: Brent Herdewyn
Videography Oslo: Lumo Polar

Kunstakademiet - KHIO
Zilberman Gallery

Editorial partner, publisher: Archive Books,

Commissioned by:
Oslo Kommunes Kunstsamling
Deichman, Bjørvika

Main art committee:
Per Hess
Knut Skansen
Vibeke Skaaia
Kristin Danielsen
Svein Lund
Else Haavik

Art committee for temporary art projects:
Ottar Ertzeid 
Merete Lie 
Svein Lund 
Bente Bømark Hanssen
Zasha Colah
Marianne Zamecznik
Else Haavik
Press links:
Oslo Kommunes Kunstsamling
Avisa Oslo
Magasinet Kunst
Book your spot
Tickets (free) are released on the 15th of each month (until 23.09.2022)

Booking can be made through the eventbrite link here.

If you have a special request outside released dates please write to